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How to Wear Ankle Booties

When your colleagues say, "You look like Cinderella." Yaaaas👊

After a long debate with myself today, I decided to be grown and wear some heels. In my last blog post, I mentioned that sometimes it is very difficult for me to wear heels because of a broken ankle a few years ago...but I love them oh so much and could not resist even though I knew I would pay for it later. In my Christian Louboutin voice, "High Heels are Pleasure with Pain." With that being said, I couldn't wait to show off my Cleavage Stiletto Ankle Bootie. This bootie is very versatile and can be paired with jeans or a dress depending on your own personal style or if you need to transition from a day to night look.

I decided to dress them down with frayed cropped denim so a little bit of the ankle could show, a t-shirt and my go to motorcycle jacket for a more casual look for work. I work in Tv production, so the environment is pretty laid back where I can be myself. Thank goodness I get to sit on my butt all day.

I know you all want to know how long did I last? Surprisingly, I lasted 8 hours in these babies Whoot WHoot... a full work day, but I must mention these boots are not the most comfy and not made for walking ALL DAY THAT IS... so I would recommend getting gel insoles to help with comfort if you plan on being on your feet for a long period of time. Check out details below to steal this look. Lastly, Today's Encouragement- Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Yourself.

Stay Tuned for more CJ Createz~Fearless Fashion Unscripted. Muah, xoxo CJ💋

Photos: Cooky Jones

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Jeans: H&M

Jacket: Forvever 21

T-shirt: Amazon

Shoes: Liliana Hologram Ankle bootie Style Giselle

(Olive Ole)

Vintage Gucci Portfolio Clutch: Etsy (SophiasMombyWright)


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