Brunchin at Wicked Sisters

Great food, good vibes. The best part is the outdoor patio.

Drinks at Alexanders Tavern

Hello My Fearless Fashion Stars,

I know I haven't posted any content in awhile. Honestly, I have not been motivated, however, during these challenging times we are faced with, it has forced me to focus on my business and fuel myself creatively. Since the pandemic, I have been getting back into my art and focusing on more things that make me happy.

I received a lot of questions about my outfit, that I wore to brunch with my good Judy's, whom I have not been able to spend much time with because we were quarantined. Those who know me, know I live for a good brunch. My friend Carlton was in town visiting from Texas, so that was a reason for me to get up, get dressed and show OFF!! Chile, I was so tired of being in the house. When she, me, I, Muvah arrived, they gagged over my Mickey Purse.