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Happy Wednesday. I hope you are having an Undefeated Day. I know I have been missing in action, however, I am back today with the deets on this frugal runway find I wore to a Birthday Brunch at RPM Italian followed by drinks and dancing at one of my fav spots Harlot DC.

This frugal find is all about color and wearing sleepwear ensembles during the day. Who said you can't wear house coats outside? I make my own rules when it comes to fashion. I am always thinking outside the box and looking for ways to make pieces fresh and current.

I found this GORGEOUS rare1960's quilted vintage asian collar brunch coat that I decided to wear as a dress. It was perfect for Sunday's brunch because the weather here in DC has been soooo bipolar. It was between 45-65 degrees. Not too cold and not too warm. The material was warm enough for me not to have to wear a coat as the temperature dropped after 5ish.

Spring/Summer 2022 is all about color, monochrome ensembles, and or adding a little bit of contrast. I do my homework and according to whowhatwear orange was one of the colors to know according to the runways.

Instead of a monochrome look, I decided to add contrasting colors Also known as complentary colors which are colors opposite of the color wheel. If you ever have a hard time figuring out which colors compliment each other, you can use the color wheel as your guide to help you visualize which colors fit best together.

As you can see below, orange and blue are directly across from each other. I then chose, red which is within the same family to the left of the color wheel. Warm colors left of the wheel and cool colors are to right. This can make pairing easy if you are just staring out.

Ok, here are the deets.

I'm wearing:

Red latex thigh high socks from Amazon at $20

Robe: #Thrifted $6.99

Shoes: Pantone color "Air blue" heels by Jessica Simpson #thrifted and they were brand new at $14.99 with 20% to give the look of the Gucci Blue & Red Ilse Sock sandal shown below

Rare Vintage Gia Carangi 1980's Vogue magazine clutch that I purchased a few years back from PatriciaField $100

Watch the movie. It's awesome. One of my favorites. Picture below is the photo on my clutch.

Total cost for this look: $138.98

Gucci Ilse Sock Sandal

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. It's definitely one of my favorites. Next time you go thrifting don't be afraid to shop the sleepwear section. 😉

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Video credit @diesell_life from Solewash Sneaker laundry and restoration service. Be sure to check them out.

Photo credit: Dr. Rachel Callens one of the best Naturopathic Doctors in the DMV @dr_callensmd

Remember, Fashion is not how much you spend, it's how you wear it! Stay tuned for more frugal fashion finds by CJ Createz~ Fearless Fashion Unscripted. Muah, 💋 xoxo CJ



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