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How to Wear Snakeskin Thigh High Boots

Hi Guys,

Happy Fri-Yay!!! The weekend is finally here and I hope everyone had an undefeated week. I know for me it was one ole doozy casting two episodes in one week for network final approval that was due today. A total of twenty actors up for Lead Roles. Whewh!! but, yay I did it so that calls for a happy hour celebration. I made sure before I left the house this morning to put on an outfit just in case somebody wanted to come out and play with me for drinks after work lol.

Today's outfit choice was a grey oversized hooded sweat shirt dress that I paired with over the knee snakeskin print boots by Chase & Chole Kokkaido-3. Sooooo.... I will tell you a fun fact. I love grey and 80% of my closet is full of Grey anyway, back to Chase and Chloe. I love their brand because they provide affordable fashion dupes of the latest fashion trends. This over the knee boot is a great dupe for the Christian Louboutin snakeskin thigh high boot that cost approx. $5,495. A used pair from The RealReal would cost you $1,395. Good Gosh!!!! Let me get half of the boot for at least $395 lol and even that is too much. Real talk... I don' have that kind of coin and even if I did, I would probably still shop the same "SMART." I always tell you guys it's not how much you spend it's how you wear it. You can make an inexpensive outfit look like you paid that top shmoney baby. 👊

I purchased by boots from Amazon. I bet you are wondering how much I paid for them???? Hmmmm. Ok, only $44.00 Freaking dollars. You can't be that!!! Whoot Whoot. #winning. Take a look below to see how I rocked my snakeskin thigh high boots. Hope you like. Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more inspiration from CJ Createz ~ Fearless Fashion Unscripted. Muah, xoxo CJ💋

Thanks for stopping thru!!

Coffee break

Where you get dem boots honey!

Meeting Deadlines!!

After work Happy Hour @ Paradigm Lounge the place to be on Fridays.

Best friend since 7th grade and one of my god children 💜

Photos: My Assistant Ravenn McDowell and Chiquita Ward & Taniya Robinson

Shoes: Amazon (link above)

Sweatshirt dress: YCMC Shoe city

Louis Speedy: Etsy Wind Wings Waves

Scarf: Gallo Stores


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