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Friday Tipsy on a Thursday: Girls Day Out

Today was the perfect day to catch up with my Bestie because she had been away on travel and I had been working continuously with barely time for myself. She and I were both off today and in dire need of TLC to our feet and hands. She suggested that we go to Mimosa (click here). The staff is very friendly, the cost is affordable, very clean and they offer complimentary wine or Mimosas right up my alley.

Ladies and Gents too, please make sure the tools used to perform your services are sterilized and or disinfected to prevent infections or disease. If you go to a salon to get a manicure or pedicure and the foot spas and tools have not been properly disinfected, you are at risk for picking up an infection.

Most nail salons rarely meet minimum standards and don't disinfect their tools. By the way, disinfect means using a product like Barbicide (click here) which has been registered with the EPA and contains the term ‘disinfectant’. This means it is bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal, all good things as far as you are concerned. They should be disinfecting for at least 10 minutes, which is the appropriate dwell time for the product to effectively rid that bacteria. Your station, pedicure chair, and implements should be cleaned before each client. Nail Salons should also have a UV Sterilizer which uses which uses Ultraviolet Rays for medical sterilization. If the implements being used are not coming from a sterilizing pouch or you don't seem them being soaked in Barbicide, you should be concerned and should probably look for a new salon to go to.

The last spot to end our girls day out was Happy Hour at one of my Fav spots Toro Toro (click here) a Pan Latin Restaurant & Lounge. Their happy hour is from 4pm -8 pm Monday thru Wednesday. Thursday ALL NIGHT with a reasonable hour menu with $5 dollar beer, wine and rail cocktails. If you are looking for a cute sexy spot to catch up with your Good Judy, I highly recommend this place. The ambiance and the staff are amazing.

Stay tuned for more by CJ Createz Muah, xoxo CJ 💋

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Girls Day Out

Wine for two

Bestie and I

My Nail Tech Eleana from China. When you go ask for her!

Gel Nail Color: Link Park After Dark My Fav

Welcome to Toro Toro

Outdoor Heated Patio

The Upstairs Bar Area

The Bathroom

Happy Hour Menu: Truffle Fries, Chicken Nachos & Steak Tacos

Chao For Now!!!


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