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Outfit Of The Day: Color Me Happy

One cannot expect to become happy without hardship or effort. Because we challenge ourselves we become strong. To be come strong is to become happy ~ Daisaku Ikeda

Photos by: Cooky Jones

WHEN TODAY IS YOUR is your Buddhist Birthday🙊💜 Yay me!!! Six years ago today I decided to transform my life and be happy no matter what. To wake up each morning with work to accomplish and a mission to fulfill, to break loose of fear, procrastination, self doubt and also memories of past failures and my background. Nicherin Buddhism changed my life. I am thankful for all my losses, defeats and everything that makes me the wonderful and unique person that I am. It takes courage and firm determination to pursue one's dream in life... To unleash myself totally from destructive behavior. Each day is New Year's day for us.

TO MY FRIENDS: I want you to determine the life you want and shake off the things that keep you from progressing.

Why Practice Buddhism? The practice of Buddhism will enable you to:

  • Take action to change the direction of your life.

  • Understand how cause and effect work in your life.

  • Improve personal relationships as you begin to see others as Buddha's.

  • Join a happy and diverse community of believers

  • Get yourself in rhythm with the Law of Cause and Effect.

  • Stop blaming others for your own situation.

  • Deepen your knowledge of a profound way of life.

  • Develop a life of you, no matter what.

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Suit: Purchased at Marshalls in the Men's Section Christmas Lights Sport Blazer: were $39.99 Pants were $14.99 Can also be found at Sulso Couture

Shoes: Cape Robbin Ella Lucite boot from Amazon

V Neck White T: H&M

Belt: Amazon

Scarf: Gallo Stores (in store only)

Ring: Swarovski This ring has been discontinued, but you can find it here on Ebay.


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