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Hi Everyone!!! Hope you guys have been staying undefeated. I know I haven't blogged in awhile and honestly, I haven't been motivated but my experience going to Art Basel for a week left me inspired and compelled to share my outfit choices even though my outfits were what I considered to be on my worst days.

I was stopped and given tons of compliments by artist, pedestrians, bloggers & influencers while walking through Wynwood Walls Art District. The paparazzi was out hunty!!! Photographers stopped me dead in my tracks and wanted to take my photo. I felt famous or whatever. 🤣

Art Basel and Miami Art week is a annual event set up to showcase emerging artist and galleries globally.

I had already planned before going that there would be a lot of walking so I wanted to ensure I was cute but also comfortable.

Outfit Day: 1 (Photo Credit: Ty Baker)

Hat: Forever21

Jacket: H&M

Sweats: Ross can find similar ones here

Hoodie: Amazon

Adidas Superstar: YCMC-Shoecity

Bag: Mcm Worldwide (it's the removable smaller bag that comes with the shopper)

Do you plan on traveling soon? If so, here is a comfortable airport outfit idea that you can put together to be comfy and stylish at the same time. Let's be real it's already uncomfortable enough on a plane in tiny seats so the more comfortable you are, you are less likely to be irritable and have a pleasant flight. When selecting this outfit, I also wanted to keep in mind that I had to go through TSA, so this look took less time, no hassle, easy taking off, easy to transition from cold to warmer weather and lastly, I didn't want to set off the metal detector. 😂

I paired each outfit with Adidas Superstar. Ladies this sneaker is a MUST staple sneaker to have in your closet. You can dress them up or down with almost any outfit.

Outfit Day: 2 (Photo Credit: Ty Baker)

This day was a chill day. We went to Basel on the River located at the Wharf Miami Sorry I don't have any photos from the Wharf because my phone was stolen, however, you can click Wharf Miami above to see photos of the venue. They had live art, music, cocktails, oh and free pizza for every drink that was $10 or more. In our tipsy stoopper somehow we ended up at the Patricia Field VIP Opening ArtFashion Showcase. Hunnnnnnney!!!!! had I known that was gonna happen I would have dressed to the God's Okrrrrr!!!! *two snaps*

Denim Jacket: H&M

Gucci Frames: Ebay out of stock most places even at Saks but you can find them here

Bodycon shorts & crop top: Amazon

Outfit Day: 3 I wore this outfit to galleries and bars. Last stop was to Teyana Taylor & Trina concert

Palazzo Pants: Olive Ole (sold out)

Lace push up body suit: H&M (sold out) but here is one similar

Waist Bag: Madrag (Madrag is not an online retailer, however, you can search a location in your area)

Outfit Day:4 (Photo Credit Ty Baker)

Sequin Pants: Madrag similar here

Smartwatch Ticwacth E: Amazon

Top: Ross a few years

Frames: I purchased from a vendor during Art Basel but you can find ta different shade of pink here

Waist Bag: Madrag similar one sold here

Chanel Samsung S8+ case: Amazon (sold out)

I hope you guys enjoyed my looks. Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to follow me on IG. If you have a favorite look pin it on Pinterest, Like, Comment & Share Remember Fashion is not how much you spend it's how you wear it!! Stay tuned for more inspiration by CJ Createz~ Fearless Fashion Unscripted. Muah, 💋 xoxo CJ


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