Hi Everyone!!! Hope you guys have been staying undefeated. I know I haven't blogged in awhile and honestly, I haven't been motivated but my experience going to Art Basel for a week left me inspired and compelled to share my outfit choices even though my outfits were what I considered to be on my worst days.

I was stopped and given tons of compliments by artist, pedestrians, bloggers & influencers while walking through Wynwood Walls Art District. The paparazzi was out hunty!!! Photographers stopped me dead in my tracks and wanted to take my photo. I felt famous or whatever. 🤣

Art Basel and Miami Art week is a annual event set up to showcase emerging artist and galleries globally.

I had already planned before going that there would be a lot of walking so I wanted to ensure I was cute but also comfortable.

Outfit Day: 1 (Photo Credit: Ty Baker)

Hat: Forever21

Jacket: H&M

Sweats: <